Thursday, August 17, 2017

From milk carton, to vase, to candle holder, to....
This is Reiyukai Creative Recycling.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Secret Book Box , Spring 2017

Create your own Secret Book Box library! Great for storing your little treasures!

Hello Everyone! Yes, it's been a while! 2017 started off crazy busy and we're still trying to catch up! Here are some of our latest news...
Many new crafts have been designed by our Artistic Director and Craft Master, Madoka O. Organize your life, or at least your personal space, with these adorable table top organizers that can be used anywhere; kitchen, bathroom, office, etc..
Star Shaped Tray & Organizer Spring 2017

Mini Three & Two Drawer Organizers Spring 2017

Along with new craft ideas, Reiyukai Creative Recycling has been expanding their craft workshops throughout the greater parts of Chicago, Illinois and Los Angeles, California!

Echo Park Branch Public Library, CA

Edendale United Methodist Church, CA
27th Annual Skokie Festival of Cultures, IL

Want in on the fun? Check out our calendar page where we have all new events listed. Interested in having us host a craft workshop in your community? Library? Church? Or how about your favorite coffee shop? Do you know we host Crafting Birthday Parties? And for the resourceful brides-to-be, how about hosting a Wedding Craft Workshop!? Have family and friends help you create beautiful wedding decor that can also be used as thank you gifts for all the attendees.
Really, there are no limits! Give us call! Lets Create!  

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Attention Echo Park and Silver Lake residents!

Reiyukai Creative Recycling is pleased to announce a workshop at the 
Echo Park Branch Library
1410 W Temple Street

January 31st, 2017
Starting 4pm

FREE Workshop!

Seats maybe limited
Contact Gina to Reserve your Spot

or call at 
(Monday to Friday / 10am to 5pm)

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Winners of Craft Design Competition 2015 "Gift Box"

Best Gift Box Award

Receiving the most votes on both through craft members and Facebook, this house shaped craft transforms into an elegant handy gift box great for storing tea bags and sugar/milk packets.
Exceptional skill and full understanding of the one-liter milk cartons can be seen through the execution of this craft.
Most Eye-Catching Award

Created by using only one milk carton, this craft utilized an origami technique to make this beautiful flower. Not only does this flower look beautiful, but it also performs an open/close function that is sure to impress even the most professional of craft designers. Attention to detail is demonstrated through this flower motif, which can fit itself into any gift giving opportunities. Great craftsmanship!
Most Desirable Award

This piece demonstrates great craftsmanship in order to perform this difficult task of appearing simple and pure. This well designed craft helps promote the importance of reading books, which opens our minds and gives us a better understanding of the world. Valuables can be stored inside and hidden in between real books on the bookshelf.

Inspirational Creativity Award

Turning the traditional Japanese sandal into a cute oval shaped gift box, this designer promotes others to gather inspiration from everyday objects and transforming them into beautifully designed crafts. This breakthrough piece is wonderful for those who are looking for a new design perfect for those precious gift-giving moments.

Facebook Lovers Award

This design contributed to help raise awareness of the idea of milk carton recycling crafts! Inspired by finding means to store materials needed for his daily meditation practice, this Facebook favorite found its functionality into the hearts of many.