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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Winners of Craft Design Competition 2015 "Gift Box"

Best Gift Box Award

Receiving the most votes on both through craft members and Facebook, this house shaped craft transforms into an elegant handy gift box great for storing tea bags and sugar/milk packets.
Exceptional skill and full understanding of the one-liter milk cartons can be seen through the execution of this craft.
Most Eye-Catching Award

Created by using only one milk carton, this craft utilized an origami technique to make this beautiful flower. Not only does this flower look beautiful, but it also performs an open/close function that is sure to impress even the most professional of craft designers. Attention to detail is demonstrated through this flower motif, which can fit itself into any gift giving opportunities. Great craftsmanship!
Most Desirable Award

This piece demonstrates great craftsmanship in order to perform this difficult task of appearing simple and pure. This well designed craft helps promote the importance of reading books, which opens our minds and gives us a better understanding of the world. Valuables can be stored inside and hidden in between real books on the bookshelf.

Inspirational Creativity Award

Turning the traditional Japanese sandal into a cute oval shaped gift box, this designer promotes others to gather inspiration from everyday objects and transforming them into beautifully designed crafts. This breakthrough piece is wonderful for those who are looking for a new design perfect for those precious gift-giving moments.

Facebook Lovers Award

This design contributed to help raise awareness of the idea of milk carton recycling crafts! Inspired by finding means to store materials needed for his daily meditation practice, this Facebook favorite found its functionality into the hearts of many.

Monday, October 26, 2015

A Creative Night at Southwestern Academy

We had a fun time at Southwestern Academy introducing the idea of Reiyukai Creative Recycling last Friday, October 23rd. Thanks for having us!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

2015 Craft Competition "Gift Box"

Here we have 22 creative new “Gif Box” designs waiting your vote! 
Please email Reiyukai Creative Recycling at with the numbers of your favorite crafts! You can select as many as you want.Feel free to add comments how you like them as the designers will be reading them as well!!
Voting ends November 5, 2015.
Enjoy the creative recycling

Rabbit Gift Box
A piece created by a recycled milk carton, covered in solid colored paper. The ears were created with sheets of paper, combined with patterned paper. 

Caja de Conejo
Pieza realizada con una sola caja reciclada de leche, forrada con papel de solo un color, las orejas se realizaron con pliegos del papel combinado con papel estampado.

My project for the “gift box” theme entry is, ZORI (Japanese Sandal) GIFT BOX. You can use it as a candy box, baby gift, jewelry box, love box, an “I care” box, athletic box and many other ways to give as a gift to someone old or young, adult or child, etc.

El tema para mi proyecto de caja de regalo es “ZORI (Chanclas Japonesas)”. Se puede usar como caja de dulce, regalo para bebe, caja de amor, caja de “me importas”, caja para atléticos, y más posibilidades para dar como un obsequio para alguien mayor o joven, o chicos o adultos, y etc.

My purpose for making this craft is to create a visually pleasing way of presenting cupcakes, which can then be taken home. The box can be reused as a cupcake holder or for other purposes.

Mi motivo en crear esta caja es para hacer más agradable a la vista la presentación de los cupcakes y a sí se lleven la caja, para otro uso o seguir presentándolos así.

Box for holding cotton or cosmetics.
I created this craft because I enjoy creating and designing beautiful and practical things.This is my small contribution to save our planet.

Hice esta caja porque me gusta crear y diseñar cosas bonitas y prácticas, y si lo puedo hacer de reciclado. Aporto un granito de arena para salvar el planeta.


Game Storage Box or Gift Box
Organizing a box for games helps keep a house in order, this little box can also be used as gift.

Caja de Juegos o Regalo
Arreglar un poco el cajón de los juegos ayuda al orden de la casa, y esta cajita me servirá también para un regalo.

I have known that the Japanese are accustomed to drinking green tea, this inspired me to create a usable “Magda Tea House Gift Box”. Thank you Reiyukai for sharing your techniques.

Que me inspiró a crear la “Cajita de Te Magda”
He sabido que en la cultura Japonesa, se acostumbra tomar té verde, esto fue lo que me inspiré a crear la “Casita de Te Magda”. Gracias a la técnica impartida por Reiyukai.

Gift Box 
The design of the box was created for storing the Sutra and accessories for The Place of Honor for our ancestors.

Caja de Regalo 
El Diseño de la caja fue creada y elaborada para guardar y tener al Sutra con accesorios urilizados en la ofrenda familiar, de los antepasados.

Little Box
A Little box of chocolates is always welcomed.

Una cajita de chocolates, siempre será bienvenida.

Fish Gift Box
In the ocean, life is more delicious (Mexican saying). Because fish relates to the sea, vacations, sun and delicious dishes, this is a great way to receive a gift.

Caja de pescado
En el mar, la vida es más sabrosa (Dicho Mexicano)
Porque un pez nos relaciona con playa, vacaciones, sol y muy sabrosos platillos, seria grato recibirlo portando un regalo muy especial.

Thanks to teachings of Reiyukai, I was inspired to create this Charito box.
1.We can help the planet by recycling. 2. Create something decorative and useful for the house. 3. Demonstrate how, with a little imagination, one can create something beautiful. 

Charito Box 
Lo que me motivo realizar el alhajero Charito es que gracias a la enseñanza de Reiyukai. 1.Podemos ayudar al planeta reciclando. 2.Buscar hacer algo útil y decorativo para el hogar. 3.Mostrar que con un poco de imaginación se puede crear algo bello.

This gift box is easy to make. You only need one milk carton and a small piece of card board. I like Japanese paper and traditional Chinese knots. I like how they beautifully combine and I hope all our friends will like it.

Esta caja de regalo es fácil para hacer. Solo se necesita un cartón de leche y pedacito de cartón. Me encanta papel japonés y nudos chinos. Me gusta como combinan las dos. Espero que le gusten a todos los compañeros también.

Butterfly Gift Box

Caja Mariposa

With four compartments, it is a way to create many surprises for different kinds of gifts and to also accomodate the many little things we all have.

Es una forma de multiplicar las sorpresas al tener 4 espacios para regalitos diferentes y al final pueda para acomodar miles de cositas que todos tenemos.

Miniatura sofá
I created this miniature sofa that can be used as small storage… while it awaits for little girls and their dolls.

Sillón pequeño
Hice una sillón pensando en que puede servir para costurero o alhajero. Esperando también en el sillón para los muñecos de las niñas.

Jewelry box with drawers.
My motive is to have daily worn jewelry at hand.

Alhajero con cajones
Me motivo tener a la mano las alhajas de uso diario.

 Lunch or cosmetic bag.

Lanchera o bolsa para cosméticos.

 Book Shaped Box
I created this box because I believe reading a book helps us understand the world we live in.

Caja en estilo de libro.
Hice esta caja porque creo que leer un libro nos ayuda a comprender este mundo en que vivimos.

Birdcage Gift Box
What inspired me to create the box is my enjoyment of observing nature and birds, therefore, I placed the bird on top of its cage and ready to give as a birdcage gift box

Caja de Regalo Pajarera
Me gusta observar la naturaleza y me gustan los pajaritos por lo que quise plasmar un pájaro libre encima de su jaula y así poder dar una cajita pajarera de regalo. 

Flower Gift Box
A piece created by a milk carton, covered in solid colored paper, and finished with a simulated origami lotus flower, made from patterend paper.

Caja de Flor Para Regalo
Pieza realizada en una caja de cartón de leche, forrada en papel de un solo color y rematada con una simulación de flor de loto en origami en papel estampado. 

Little candy basket.

Canastita para dulcero

Jewelry or cosmetics box.
I enjoy creating beautiful and practical things. If this can be done using recyclables, I am helping our planet heal just a bit.

Cajita tipo Chaleco para usar como joyero o costurero. Me gusta elaborar cosas bonitas y prácticas, y si lo puedo hacer con reciclado, ayudo para sanar un poco nuestro planeta.